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Donna McGukin

donna-mcgukinDonna McGukin began with Bottom Line Benefits in 2004 and was privileged to be mentored under the skilled leadership of Ted Daniels, founder of BLB.  With Bottom Line Benefits now being steered by a new generation, Donna is pleased to see a remarkable balance between the wisdom of years of experience garnered from Ted Daniels and the forward-thinking, cutting-edge ideas of Charity Daniels in this new generation of benefits management.

In a benefits world that is ever-evolving and changing, Donna is determined that our clients have a smooth experience.  She works closely with each one to offer superior customer support, tools and resources to meet their needs, and the attention to detail that is required in this field.

Donna especially enjoys the team environment and feels that the bottom line for her at least is that Bottom Line Benefits cares about its people, both the team at our agency and the valued clients we are here to serve.

Having worked with Ted Daniels for over than 10 years, I have come to appreciate the combination of good counsel, exceptional service and personal touch that sets us apart from other agencies.  I find I am more excited than ever about the future of Bottom Line Benefits under this new generation of management.  I can see that under Charity Daniels' leadership, Bottom Line Benefits has become even more innovative and strong in this market.  I am excited about what we have to offer, both to the clients we've had for many years and those that are just coming on board.

Outside of Bottom Line Benefits life, Donna is a (not your typical) pastor's wife and a mother of three grown boys who love mountain climbing, something she is deathly afraid of (go figure).  In her spare time (what spare time?) she loves working after hours (well not really, but if it's needed), spending time with family and friends, walking for enjoyment (actually for exercise), and shopping neighborhood garage sales (for things to repurpose).

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