Tina Titshaw

Director of Administration

Our Company would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the services you provide to each and every one of our staff members on a consistent basis.  Bottom Line Benefits truly understands what “customer service”  is all about.   Year after year they continue to provide the best services with class employees that pay attention to detail and follow through with requests.  It is truly a pleasure to work with Bottom Line Benefits.

Barbara Sandidge

Business and Operations Manager

I highly recommend Bottom Line Benefits to anyone looking for the best benefits package available. Speaking from experience as the Business and Operations Manager for 14 years, I have worked with Bottom Line Benefits for most all of those years. They completely understand the uniqueness of a private school environment and how difficult it is to attract and keep good faculty and staff. Their guidance and expertise have allowed us to offer a robust package within our budget every year.

Jodee Foster

Human Resources Manager

We switched our broker at the very last minute (actually, the very last second), but WOW, you all have done a FANTASTIC job!  Our enrollment was flawless!  We had a ton of issues/errors due to our previous broker.  Everyone at Bottom Line Benefits has been so helpful, so prompt, and so courteous in resolving all of these time-consuming issues.  In fact, I have had a bunch of employees thank me for the great job you all did!  So again, I just wanted to say, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you!

JoAnn Sapinski

Accounting / Human Resources Manager

We have been extremely pleased with the service that we have received over the years.  Bottom Line Benefits has worked very hard on our behalf to find the best insurance products at the lowest cost.  Our employees appreciate the annual benefit presentation and easy sign-up process.  The Human Resources Department appreciates the quick follow up to any issues throughout the year.

Monty Allen

Vice President-Finance and Human Resources

Through the years, as our organization has experienced periods of growth and periods of retrenchment, the team at Bottom Line Benefits has listened to our needs, our wants and our resources, and has consistently identified and procured a mix of benefits that delivers excellent value and affordability to our employees, and therefore to us.

One of the first things I did in my new company and role as VP of Finance and Human Resources was to bring Bottom Line Benefits in as our benefits advisor.  Their work on our behalf was just as good as I had previously experienced with them–very responsive service, carefully-selected packages, and lots of great ideas and things for us to consider doing, now or in the future, and plenty of excellent information and analysis on things like how health care reform will affect us.

Helen C. Shingler

Operations Manager

Having worked with various insurance brokers over the last 15 years, I find Bottom Line Benefits to be superior in what they do! Charity Daniels and the staff are extremely knowledgeable about the latest healthcare regulations and insurance provider offerings.  Not only does this enable them to suggest the best product and service for your company, it results in the most affordable price. In both companies where I have switched to Bottom Line Benefits, their suggestions resulted in great improvements and cost savings over the previous plans. Most importantly, their client service is exceptional.  All questions and requests receive prompt replies and attention. After many years using Bottom Line Benefits, I have no intention of looking elsewhere for my firm’s insurance benefits and needs.  That is an impressive company!

David Doss


Simpson Sales is a small corporation in Georgia.We have 25 employees. We are very fortunate to have a great relationship with Charity Daniels and Bottom line Benefits.  The insurance industry has been a roller coaster ride the last few years and Charity and the Bottom Line Benefits team have worked hard to find the best plan for Simpson Sales and our employees.

They are always there if any of our people have questions and Charity works very hard to shop around for the best plan for us!!

Thanks Charity and the BLB TEAM!!!

Melissa Faircloth

I truly cannot praise your group enough.  I feel like we really are taken care of now that we are with you. Has it really been eight years?  Greg, Neil and I really do appreciate all the extra effort and time you give.

Eight years ago we decided to change over to Bottom Line Benefits.  It is the best decision we have made. Charity and her team always work very hard to bring us the most competitive rates each year and the level of comfort they bring to our employees is second to none.  Each year they come and speak with our group and bring a better understanding of insurance market.  I cannot praise the whole team enough.  Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Charity, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you, Whitney and the team do to help me.  I feel like it is weekly that I reach out to the team with questions or request.  And, your response time is very impressive. Thank you for taking such good care of us.


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