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At Bottom Line Benefits, we focus a high amount of energy on employee education and wellness. We believe that consumerism in the healthcare world has become increasingly important and our goal is to give our clients and their employees the tools to use their benefits efficiently and responsibly. Below are areas we encourage wellness and education among our clients:


  1. Implementation of wellness programs, some of which directly reduce insurance premium in the small group market space
  2. On site wellness screenings and flu clinics
  3. On site employee education meetings focusing on wellness incentives in their plans
  4. Implementation of a Telemedicine program, resulting in less missed work, healthier employees, and financial savings for both employees and the employer
  5. Ongoing email campaigns including monthly wellness newsletters

One example of Telemedicine savings can be seen in one of our clients with 130 employees. In the year 2016, the company had 108 medical consultations by employees and their dependents. Based on reports of where those employees would have sought care without having access to the Telemedicne program, the group saved $77,000 from hitting their health insurance claims and plan.


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